April is really gone

Time is the single most valuable asset any of us own.  Money can be found with hard work, honesty and character – time can not be found.  Once it passes it will never return.  You must honor and respect the asset of TIME.  Today is historic – in the aftermath of Tuscaloosa where the largest and strongest tornado recorded cut a path directly over my daughter’s condo – she is fine (poured concrete facility) but everything around her is destroyed – in her time and moment she learned more about life then four years of education at Alabama – today we launch the last trip for Endeavor.  This moment in history has been coming for years – yet so many seem surprised.

The landscape and lifestyle of Brevard has been shaped by the magnificent impact of the Space Program but the passing of the Space Program as we have come to know it does not shape our future.  Our attitude of faith or fear will determine that future – chose wisely.

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