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10 Principals for Business Success: Principal #2 of 10

RELATIONAL PRIORITY IN A DIGITAL WORLD In a culture where people stand in line for the release of the newest technology, the more apps and devices we create, the more important relationships become. Technology can make transactional work easier and more efficient, but it is no substitute for the human connection. In fact, technology can […]

10 Principals for Business Success: Principal #1 of 10

Cavett Roberts once said, “If people understand me, I get their attention. If they trust me, I get their action.” When we think of a foundation, we are describing something that isn’t always seen, but when it’s lacking, it’s clearly evident. The most famous tower in the world, next to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, […]

Issues in Healthcare Today: Who has the solutions?

The answers to our healthcare problems lie in the power of business. Power is a mysterious value; it can be equally positive or negative. Power linked to bad character fuels greed, corruption and exploitation. When channeled properly, it can transform lives and communities. The same power that can light a city can also destroy it. […]

How Moms Influence Entrepreneurs: A Mother’s Day Salute

What is it about moms? They have an incredible way of creating accountability standards by which we measure success. It’s like the old southern saying: “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!” Great men and women understand the truth of that statement. There is a connection and influence of a mom on the aspiring entrepreneur that […]