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Decisions for the Year Ahead

“The historic average for federal government revenues over the past 40 years is between 18 and 19 percent of nominal GDP. For 2011, federal government spending is projected at 25 percent of GDP, a post-WWII record, with a $1.65 trillion projected deficit. The key debate is about how the budget gap will be closed.” – […]

Leadership – What Is It Not?

John Maxwell believes that “Leadership is influence.” There is truth to this statement, but it does not completely define leadership. The purpose of leadership is as important as the ability to influence. I like the following definition for leadership because it captures the unique qualities of courage, action, vision, influence, and the heart of a leader: “To courageously […]

Confusion, Confusion, Confusion

How to Develop an Effective Marketing Plan Internet, TV, radio, billboards, magazines, newspapers, coupons, promotions, events, etc. – the list gets longer and the options more diversified when developing a marketing strategy. A clear marketing plan is one of the most important elements of an effective business plan. Unfortunately, many companies fail because they lack […]

Want to Retire Some Day?

Take Personal Responsibility and Stop Relying on the Government “Retirement worthy idea, not” – Yoda. From where did the concept of retirement actually come? Interestingly, the German culture was the first economy to introduce the concept of a fixed retirement age with a government pension. It emerged during the Industrial Revolution and was institutionalized in […]

Building through Cooperation

How Trust Can Expand Your Market Share People, companies and organizations often struggle to cooperate today because their egos don’t allow them to see the benefits of strategic alliances. Simply put, nobody believes in trust anymore. Therefore, business owners operate independently until ultimately the “lone wolf” entrepreneur drives himself over the cliff. In today’s overly-litigious […]