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Who Is That Masked Man?

Detecting the Impression Managers A scorpion approached the riverbank, saw a frog and asked, “May I have a ride to the other side?” The frog said, “No, you are a scorpion and you will sting and kill me.” The scorpion pleaded with the frog, “That makes no sense. If I sting you, then I too […]

It’s Time for Real Change

Why Fiscal Responsibility Is the Issue “Poor is a state of mind; broke is a temporary condition.” With the elections next month, this month’s issue on banking & finance is timely. Financial concerns are at the core of everything today and for most, our financial philosophy determines our voting strategy. But perhaps your current financial condition […]

The Making of a Business Leader

Tips that Will Take You Over the Top We celebrate the leaders of Brevard County every December and look ahead to those who are poised for greatness in the coming year.  These tremendous business people, right here in our backyard, have invaluable lessons that can help each of us create our future. Here is what […]