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Setting the Tone for Entrepreneurial Success

Cultivating Courage and Accountability We know from historical data that the healthiest way to create a vibrant and prosperous economy is to develop an entrepreneurial environment that inspires businesses to flourish. Our country was founded and built on the entrepreneurial spirit, and America has been the global example of what happens when this spirit is […]

The Basis of All Real Freedom

Why Economic Freedom Is Our Greatest Hope The behavioral patterns of humans are quite intriguing when considering that we have the greatest intellectual capacity of all the animal species. Yet, as a society, we behave with less orderliness. The human race’s infinite power of intellect can manipulate for its own personal gain to the detriment […]

Want to Retire Some Day?

Take Personal Responsibility and Stop Relying on the Government “Retirement worthy idea, not” – Yoda. From where did the concept of retirement actually come? Interestingly, the German culture was the first economy to introduce the concept of a fixed retirement age with a government pension. It emerged during the Industrial Revolution and was institutionalized in […]

It’s Time for Reformation in Education

Guiding and Measuring our Most Valuable Resource “Acapacity for reading, gives access to whatever has already been discovered by others. It is the key to the already solved problems. And it gives a relish, and facility, for successfully pursuing the unsolved ones.” – Abraham Lincoln Freedom has always been tied to economic independence and economic independence […]

The Best Economic Stimulus is YOU

Preparing for Recovery is the Only Way to Profit from It Congratulations to those of you with a strong heart and commitment to success by having the vision and confidence to understand that marketing is critical to your long-term success. By the time our government officially recognizes an economic recession, the seeds of economic growth […]