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Building through Cooperation

How Trust Can Expand Your Market Share People, companies and organizations often struggle to cooperate today because their egos don’t allow them to see the benefits of strategic alliances. Simply put, nobody believes in trust anymore. Therefore, business owners operate independently until ultimately the “lone wolf” entrepreneur drives himself over the cliff. In today’s overly-litigious […]

Nurturing an Economic Renaissance

Why the Entrepreneurial Spirit is the Answer en·tre·pre·neur (ŏn’trə-prə-nûr’, -nŏŏr’) n. A person who organizes, operates, and assumes the risk of a business venture for economic gain. As my friend and mentor, entrepreneur Bernie Simpkins commented, “It is easier to make money than manage it.” In other words, it is easier to build or create […]

So You Want to Open Your Own Business?

A Game Plan for Entrepreneurial Success Information on how to run a business is readily available. The real question is: “what is a good business idea and how do I know if it will work?” Here are some concepts to help you. Develop an Entrepreneurial Attitude You must surround yourself with entrepreneurs in order to […]

The Endurance to Succeed

Success is sometimes like a light bulb When asked about the first requirement for success, Thomas Edison replied, “the ability to apply your physical and mental energies to one problem without growing weary.” The question for you is just like the light bulb, can you stay on long enough to achieve results?  Conversely, can you […]

Economic Development:

The Answer is Reigniting the Entrepreneurial Spirit In 1901 nearly 90% of our society was self-employed; our ancestors worked hard, taking pride in their success and families. They also took responsibility for their own circumstances. Today, the government employs almost 40% of the work force. This past century has brought us exponential advances in manufacturing, […]