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Finding Your Target

Goal Setting is the First Step toward Success What will 2010 bring?  Will you determine your success or will distractions – e.g. the economy, competition, healthcare, Afghanistan, or life in general – determine your destination?  You are either driving toward your destination or being moved by the circumstances of life towards destinations unknown.  Yogi Berra […]

The Making of a Business Leader

Tips that Will Take You Over the Top We celebrate the leaders of Brevard County every December and look ahead to those who are poised for greatness in the coming year.  These tremendous business people, right here in our backyard, have invaluable lessons that can help each of us create our future. Here is what […]

A Vision for the Future

Space’s Greatest Spin-off Why should we continue the space program?  Space exploration represents vision–and without vision, “We the people” will perish. One must realize that it takes leadership to produce vision and real leaders make up a small minority of the population.  Thus, a leader has to be strong enough to make decisions that are oftentimes […]

The Best Economic Stimulus is YOU

Preparing for Recovery is the Only Way to Profit from It Congratulations to those of you with a strong heart and commitment to success by having the vision and confidence to understand that marketing is critical to your long-term success. By the time our government officially recognizes an economic recession, the seeds of economic growth […]