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The Basis of All Real Freedom

Why Economic Freedom Is Our Greatest Hope The behavioral patterns of humans are quite intriguing when considering that we have the greatest intellectual capacity of all the animal species. Yet, as a society, we behave with less orderliness. The human race’s infinite power of intellect can manipulate for its own personal gain to the detriment […]

Purpose – Poverty – Prosperity

How can three words be so simple in definition yet so misunderstood? Interestingly, your attitude toward their meaning will make a tremendous difference in the results you achieve. Entrepreneurs tend to “get it” in this regard, and they set an example for others to achieve happiness in their own lives, whether they are opening a […]

Leaders Who Make a Lasting Difference

As Warren Buffett commented on the recession, “You know who is swimming naked when the tide goes out.” And so it is with leadership – lip service abounds when defining the characteristics of leadership. Much of it is from well-intended people who can craft eloquent messages but have never been in the trenches actually leading people. […]

A Leadership Crisis

It’s Up to Individuals to Take Accountability for our Future If you place a bullfrog in boiling water he will jump out of it. However, if you place a bullfrog in cool water and turn up the temperature one degree each hour, he will eventually cook to death. How many people need to get out […]