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The Bridge We Must Build

What the New Generational Gap Means to our Future We’ve all heard the cliché, “Can’t live with them; can’t live without them.” The “them” is people. We are all involved with people; ultimately, we’re all in the “people business.” Success or failure in the people business is not determined by our ability to manipulate each […]

A Resolution You Can Keep!

Eliminate Cognitive Dissonance Cognitive dissonance is the uncomfortable or disturbing feeling caused by holding conflicting ideas simultaneously. Human nature is motivated to remove or resolve cognitive dissonance. A simple example is not wearing a seatbelt when you know the consequences of not doing so. So, here are a few examples of cognitive dissonance in the […]

Nurturing an Economic Renaissance

Why the Entrepreneurial Spirit is the Answer en·tre·pre·neur (ŏn’trə-prə-nûr’, -nŏŏr’) n. A person who organizes, operates, and assumes the risk of a business venture for economic gain. As my friend and mentor, entrepreneur Bernie Simpkins commented, “It is easier to make money than manage it.” In other words, it is easier to build or create […]

Leadership NOW

It’s More Than First Impressions Recently, I had the opportunity to address the 2010 LEAD Brevard graduating class. I want to share with you some of the conversation from that evening because we desperately need quality leadership. “Change” has become the in-vogue term of late, but we don’t need to change leadership principles that have […]