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The Art of Sales

It’s the Ultimate People Business There are hundreds of different jobs and, to some degree, all of them require sales techniques. However, the art of sales is that undiscovered country where only a few rare souls live. As Ben Stein stated, “Salespeople are where the rubber of production meets the road of consumption.” Dr. Brian […]

Sales: The Catalytic Skill

We’re All in Sales, but We’re Not All Good at It My children are 22, 18 and 16.  One of them possesses all the natural skills for sales, or at least what society believes to be natural: outgoing; never met a stranger; engaging personality that can actually communicate outside the world of texting.  Since my […]

Finding Your Target

Goal Setting is the First Step toward Success What will 2010 bring?  Will you determine your success or will distractions – e.g. the economy, competition, healthcare, Afghanistan, or life in general – determine your destination?  You are either driving toward your destination or being moved by the circumstances of life towards destinations unknown.  Yogi Berra […]

Brewing Your Own Business Success

Building on Value in a Down Market Recently, I had the chance to see a documentary on a small beer company: Shiner Brewery. In a little town (population 2,070) outside of Austin, Texas, 96 of the residents work at Shiner. Today Shiner is in 41 states and parts of Mexico, but in 1989 this 100-year-old […]

Value IN or Value OUT

Success Determined by Bringing Value to Your Customers The new norm that we keep hearing about creates a marketing proposition for business that is not new but as an owner you need to understand that it is about “VALUE.” Unfortunately, most business owners think “value to the consumer” means a lower price; this misperception of […]