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A Resolution You Can Keep!

Eliminate Cognitive Dissonance Cognitive dissonance is the uncomfortable or disturbing feeling caused by holding conflicting ideas simultaneously. Human nature is motivated to remove or resolve cognitive dissonance. A simple example is not wearing a seatbelt when you know the consequences of not doing so. So, here are a few examples of cognitive dissonance in the […]

The Best Economic Stimulus is YOU

Preparing for Recovery is the Only Way to Profit from It Congratulations to those of you with a strong heart and commitment to success by having the vision and confidence to understand that marketing is critical to your long-term success. By the time our government officially recognizes an economic recession, the seeds of economic growth […]

Economic Development:

The Answer is Reigniting the Entrepreneurial Spirit In 1901 nearly 90% of our society was self-employed; our ancestors worked hard, taking pride in their success and families. They also took responsibility for their own circumstances. Today, the government employs almost 40% of the work force. This past century has brought us exponential advances in manufacturing, […]