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The Endurance to Succeed

Success is sometimes like a light bulb When asked about the first requirement for success, Thomas Edison replied, “the ability to apply your physical and mental energies to one problem without growing weary.” The question for you is just like the light bulb, can you stay on long enough to achieve results?  Conversely, can you […]

Finding Your Target

Goal Setting is the First Step toward Success What will 2010 bring?  Will you determine your success or will distractions – e.g. the economy, competition, healthcare, Afghanistan, or life in general – determine your destination?  You are either driving toward your destination or being moved by the circumstances of life towards destinations unknown.  Yogi Berra […]

The Making of a Business Leader

Tips that Will Take You Over the Top We celebrate the leaders of Brevard County every December and look ahead to those who are poised for greatness in the coming year.  These tremendous business people, right here in our backyard, have invaluable lessons that can help each of us create our future. Here is what […]

Winning at Life

Lessons I learned as a player, a coach and parent Ever since I can remember sports has been as much a part of my life as music is to the likes of Bruce Springsteen or politics is to the Kennedys. As a student athlete through the college level and then as a collegiate coach, the […]

How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Drop Bad Habits and Acquire Good Ones This year, don’t let your New Year resolution disappear by Jan. 18. Breaking habits requires discipline and desire. If you can concentrate and repeat the new behavior for just 30 days, it will become a part of your routine. The land of opportunity truly is more attainable now […]