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Leadership – What Is It Not?

John Maxwell believes that “Leadership is influence.” There is truth to this statement, but it does not completely define leadership. The purpose of leadership is as important as the ability to influence. I like the following definition for leadership because it captures the unique qualities of courage, action, vision, influence, and the heart of a leader: “To courageously […]

So You Want to Open Your Own Business?

A Game Plan for Entrepreneurial Success Information on how to run a business is readily available. The real question is: “what is a good business idea and how do I know if it will work?” Here are some concepts to help you. Develop an Entrepreneurial Attitude You must surround yourself with entrepreneurs in order to […]

A Vision for the Future

Space’s Greatest Spin-off Why should we continue the space program?  Space exploration represents vision–and without vision, “We the people” will perish. One must realize that it takes leadership to produce vision and real leaders make up a small minority of the population.  Thus, a leader has to be strong enough to make decisions that are oftentimes […]